Urbanized Areas Are Often The Victim Of Unwanted Graffiti

Public spaces like parks and plazas often have their walls, pavements and even chairs or telephone booths either infested with unsightly, smelly gum or colourful graffiti – with words that are not so colourful though. There have been many attempts to reform the youths who are usually behind these issues; however, no matter how much of education or instructional counselling and guidance is provided, the problem does not seem to be fading.

While graffiti is usually only a form of visual pollution, and can (to some certain extent) be prevented, the issue of gum wads is on entirely a different level. Improper disposal of chewing gum on pavements and streets can cause not only the roadways to be lined with sticky material – but they also pose a serious threat to animals. Birds and other animals often cannot distinguish the difference between chewing gum and food, and often end up eating the gum thrown in the streets. The chewing gum then sticks in their digestive system, and cannot be passed through, which ends up in slowly starving the animal as it cannot digest any other food because of the blocked intestines.

Therefore, the problem of graffiti and chewing gum is a serious issue, and simple educational measures to prevent further spoiling of urban environments is simply not enough. Measures need to be taken to clean up the public spaces, and restore them to their original beauty. This is where pressure cleaners in Sunshine Coast come in.

Pressure cleaners are professionals who also skillful in removing graffiti and gum from surfaces through the usage of either high pressure cold water or high pressure steam. Furthermore, most of them use environment friendly equipment – that is, they do not employ any chemicals that may pose a threat to the environment, but instead only rely on the highly pressurized water jet to clean both porous and non-porous surfaces (i.e. tarmac, concrete, and stone).

If you ever notice a public space infested with either non-biodegradable gum or graffiti (let’s face it, chances of not finding one are lower) make sure to notify your local town officials or any other person responsible for the public areas of your town or local area, so that they may enlist the help of a professional cleaning service. Furthermore, as righteous citizens, it is everyone’s duty to stop any such action that results in the spoiling of areas that are to be shared by everyone – and not to add, which may result in the deaths of innocent animals. Therefore, if you ever encounter people improperly disposing chewing gum or drawing unwanted graffiti on public walls or pavements, make sure to notify the responsible authorities at all times (since attempting to stop them might sometimes be too much of a hurdle for you).