Setting Up Shop In A New Location

Has your business outgrown its present premises? Perhaps this last year has brought in new clients and your work load has increased exponentially! That’s great news, but it might mean having to hire more staff or to expand your work space. Here are some handy tips that could help when you’re looking for a new space.

Search the Local Papers for Potential Office Spaces

The local paper are a great place to start your search. You’ll have an idea of what’s available and may be able to make a few calls before deciding on a site visit. The papers will also allow you to limit your search to loft spaces or if you’re looking for a more industrial space could have your perfect space advertised. Commercial properties are also more likely to be advertised as being for rent or sale in the newspapers.

Ensure that the Space is Safe

While finding an office space that is well within your budget is a priority, you should not compromise safety for price. Some of the cheaper spaces that are available may be structurally unsound or may be in poor condition. Always make sure that the owners are willing to conduct building inspections in Melbourne.

Alternatively ask if you could make sure that combined building inspections are carried out before committing to the sale or rent agreement as you will need to ensure that the premises are fit for occupation. Check for the stability of the floorboards, walls and ceilings and ensure that all doors and windows are not warped or broken. Check on the electrical outlets and available lights. Finally do not forget to ensure that you have ample ventilation!

Look for a Space that is Centrally Located

No matter how beautiful the property might be or how much space it might give you or how amazing the asking price might be, if the property is not centrally located or in in a neighbourhood that is unlikely to attract customers or clients then you should really reconsider. It is important that your customers and clients can access your premises easily and feel safe to do so if your business is to continue to grow and flourish. Ideally try and locate something in the same neighbourhood as your previous offices or location – it’ll make moving easier as you will be easy to locate. Also look into the available public transport systems in the area. If the new premises are walking distance from a bus stand or train station that makes it convenient to get around. Also look into whether or not you can hail a cab from your new premises. Look into restaurants and café’s in the area as they could serve as potentially meeting sites aside from your office and make grabbing lunch easy. Good luck with your search!