How To Decorate Your Home Within A Limited Budget?

Every now and then we are caught up within the craze of decorating or redecorating our house. Maybe you want to make some changes to keep up with the changing trends or simply because you feel like you need some simple or drastic change in and around you. Who is be blamed for the want to change when the minute you step into a store you run into all the wonderful draping and new decoration for your home. The only thing that could stop you is your wallet. To be fair no one really should spend a fortune on decorating their house and yet there are ways to satisfy your need to decorate in a much cheaper and affordable cost. 

Walls – Don’t leave your wall empty and plain. Visit an online store or walk into one where they do picture framing Melbourne. Hanging up portrait of you and your family is a simple and yet beautiful way to decorate your house. You can also hang up some artwork which your friends or family member did or purchase something rustic and unique in a thrift shop. If you feel like you can expand your budget a little, spend on some wallpaper. They will instantly increasing the beauty of your home.

Bedroom – Decorate your bedroom with lights so not only will you have a bright space but also a cheaper way to decorate your house.

Custom mirror frames are what’s trending right now so you can get yourself a full length one in whatever design you prefer, maybe get them with spotlights to give you that celebrity vanity mirror feel. Bedrooms can also be decorated with rugs along the bed or a full cover rug for the entire room, which will also be good for your safety as it minimize your chance of slipping on the tiles.

Add colours – You don’t always have to purchase new furniture and fittings every time you feel like you need a change. Instead you can make a one time investment on white furniture and add textures and colours buy buying new covers for the cushion or by throwing on some funky drapes for the windows. Another way to add colour is to your house is by painting! Paint your house to your heart’s desire because a pint or two of paint won’t cost you as much as buying new furniture. Flowers are always a huge plus for decoration. You can keep some in a vase in your living room, by the fire mantel or in your room. Just make sure to water them often, flowers don’t look as good when they are dead.