DIY Projects for Your Garden: Beautify and Upgrade the Green


Your garden can look like a heavenly place to relax and chill only if you take some effort to upgrade it. If you want a cost effective and friendly budget in doing so, you can give a try for all those DIY projects in exterior designing. Take a look at the different sites and magazines to get some ideas and start working. In this article, we came up with the projects you want to try for your garden. Take a look!
The Features to Gather and Relax
If you have never experienced the comforts of relaxing with nature, your garden is the first and easiest place to grab that experience. Make settings for a sit-down-gathering or evening tea in your garden blended with natural air and light. In order to accomplish this you need to choose a shaded place and add a set of table and chairs that you no longer use inside your home. Especially if you are disposing furniture from your living room, consider the use it can make for your garden.
If you want to take this to a higher scale, you can try for patios and decks. There are several things you need to know before you start spending on an investment like this that surely increase your house value. It has to fit for your garden scale and purpose. Many of us think that decks and patios drain the little space we have in our gardens but what really happens is that they make it look spacious and modern. Whether you want them for entertainment, relaxation or just to have a good view of the place, you need some advice from an exterior designer as well.
Pergola is a shaded area built on pillars normally used as a passageway or sitting area. You can be building a pergola attached to house or even build it in suitable places in your garden. It would be ideal for you to escape from all the hustle and bustle and relax for some time under the shade. Also you can use it as a book nook. When building this you need to go for really good material that will help you for many more years to come. You can shade your entire pathway with this lovely feature and live it up with flowering vines.
Create a driveway
Building driveways are not hard as it sound. You can use material like cobblestones, concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick and a combination of stone, brick and gravel.
Edge it with flower beds and bushes to give it a more welcome to your home. Also you need to lighten up the path so you are fully secured when you driving to your doorstep or garage with no fear in knocking down things.
A cottage feeling
Every tried to have window flower boxes. If you want to give your house a cottage feeling add these flower boxes to selected windows of your home. This also will help you to recreate that cozy and friendly look of a minuscule garden right at your finger tips.
Pot plants are great ways to increase curb appeal and to create a container garden for people who doesn’t have much space to devote for a garden.