December 2017

Four Helpful Tips On Designing A Garden For Your Home

There is no doubt that a garden can be a great addition to a home, and even a small space can be ideal to add some greenery. While a garden should be a relaxing place, creating a beautiful outdoor area and making good use of the available space creates a more appealing aesthetic. If you already have an outdoor area that you would like to spruce up or re-design, a garden area would be a great feature too.

Create Enough Space to Move Around

It’s quite common for most people end up over-crowding a garden or not utilising the space effectively. You should be able to move around easily in the outdoor area without plants or accessories getting in the way. If you want to create a seating or play area, make sure that there is enough space where you can move around easily and be comfortable – this is especially important if you plan to have a deck, patio or dining area. 

Get Professional Expertise

If you really want something extensive or feel unsure about creating an effective layout, you can try hiring a professional landscaping company or freelancers to create what you want. Of course keep your budget in mind too – but a professional job will look more polished as opposed to doing everything by yourself. If there are plans to create something more elaborate or a large area to cover, hiring professionals might be the way to go.

Make Use Of The Environment

How much of space is available? Can you add any unique features to make it look better? A layout that makes the best of the surrounding environment will fit in seamlessly with the rest of the surrounding. If you are hiring professional landscape gardeners, you can get their opinion on how to create a suitable layout that would work with the outdoor space. In the same way, plan out a colour scheme or theme if you like, along with garden accessories or ornaments. For example, a tropical garden can be filled with bright colours and ferns, or maybe an English garden with statues and rose bushes would look great.


Knowing how and where to plant the right flowers or shrubs can make all the difference. With the right placement, colours can stand out better or blend in well with the surrounding – and bigger varieties will not over-shadow other aspects of the garden. For example, if bushes or hedges are being planted, you can get creative by trimming these features into different shapes.